Wall Options


We can mimic the existing arches featured in your home, or we can introduce arches as a completely new stylistic element. For instance, a Grecian design can be created when archways are combined with columns.

Insets & Wall Openings

Insets and wall openings are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Insets add depth and storage space while wall openings provide extra natural light.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are decorative, fixed pieces of glass that allow more natural light to pass between rooms. When located above eye level, privacy can be maintained.

Wall Removals

Though structural work is often involved, partial or complete removal of an existing wall can make a home feel much larger. Also, upgrading to an open concept design creates a contemporary look.

Stair Landings

There are two main options to consider regarding stair landings. The existing railing can be preserved to create a more open feeling, or it can be removed and filled in with a wall for a “cleaner” design.