Exterior Windows & Doors

Replacement Windows

The existing windows are replaced with "openable" windows in the same location and of the same size. This type of window does not require stucco work.

New Construction Windows

Also called "nail-on" windows, this application is used when removal/resizing/relocation is required. TLC provides expert workmanship through demo and framing, waterproofing, final stucco, trim, and paint finish.

Vanity Windows

"Vanity Windows” appear to be functional windows from the exterior, but are actually “filled-in” on the interior of the home. When this work is performed properly, it will maintain the exterior appearance while allowing for the construction of a new floor or the creation of a storage area. Hint: useful when a Homeowner prefers to maintain a specific look or when elevation changes are prohibited by an HOA.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors can be added on the first floor near a patio or yard, or they can be added on the second floor for access to an existing or future balcony or deck. Popular styles include sliding and French doors. TLC may also be able to assist where large, “accordion” doors are desired.


Skylights can provide even more natural light and fresh air for your addition. Many modern skylights are openable and include cooling options such as sunshades. Our expert roofer performs a beautiful, waterproof installation of our preferred Velux® brand skylights, backed by both manufacturer and TLC warranties.