Dear Tom,

Sorry this is late getting to you. We've been involved in finishing our decorating that started with our new loft addition with you!

We cannot tell you how impressed we were with you as a business owner, your employees, and the finished product that we absolutely love every day. From day one, you were involved and available to answer any questions we had during construction and resolved them to our satisfaction.

It was very apparent to us that you have a special loyalty with your employees and contractors and you treat them well. The first day of our project, you met the crew with your traditional Cherry Turnovers and Starbuck's Coffee to kick off the new job. You didn't just drop it off for the crew – you actually huddled on the floor with them and joked around and had a cup of coffee like you were all buddies! We were so impressed that you took the time to give that little bit of yourself to your employees and make them feel valued. It sure gave us the assurance that if there was a problem, we could count on you.

Once everyone finished, they all jumped into action and knew exactly what their jobs were and they all worked as a team to assist each other to complete their jobs. At the end of each day, we were kept up-to-date on what to expect next and who would be coming, and the job site was always kept clean. Rene did a great job of coordinating deliveries, people, and inspections so the next phase could continue without delay.

Everyone who has seen our new loft, including us, can't believe how well it came out. You cannot see where the old ceiling and stair rail was and where the new one starts, and it's very natural as though it was always there! The radius' in our home were a concern for us and we thought we would have to play with the curve to get it right so it didn't look like an addition or out of place, but Juan did it right the first time and it's perfect in every way. We could not have asked for better workmanship and quality.

We are so happy with our experience with you and LoftCrafters that we have made several referrals to your company and will continue to do so without hesitation, not just for loft additions but for all construction opportunities. Everyone on the job was knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and professional.

Thank you so much!  

-- D & S
Huntington Beach
June 2011