To Whom It May Concern,

The LoftCrafters (TLC) began construction on our loft in November of 2014. Prior to construction we met with Mark Adkins and Moris Aguirre. We were immediately impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Mark and Moris discussed several options with us in order to maximize our space and provide the most headroom on the low end of the ceiling. As promised, we received an estimate within a couple of weeks. We were not able to immediately move forward with construction, but we were never pressured or harassed.

Months later we contacted Mark again and informed him we would like to move forward with construction. Mark and Moris visited again in order to review the contract and go over certain items specific to our house. Mark took care of all the paperwork associated with our homeowners association and made everything relatively painless for us. Mark was in constant communication with us and kept us up to date on the progress and the upcoming start date.

On the first day of construction, we were extremely impressed with the amount of preparation taken to ensure our floors would not be damaged. Out travertine tile was entirely covered with boards and each doorway was covered with plastic with a zipper in the middle to allow entry and exit. At the end of construction, our floors were undamaged and the dust was mostly contained to the construction area.

On the start of the second day, we met with Juan Aguirre. Juan went over the entire project with us, from electrical, vents, speaker and lighting locations. Throughout the 3 weeks of construction, Juan was always available either onsite or on the phone. Juan never failed to promptly return a phone call and address whatever concerns we had. We were out of town for a week of construction, yet Juan constantly kept us up to date on the progress and always had our best interest in mind. Juan was so attentive to detail that he took note of the type of hardware on the doors in our house. He noticed the hardware on the door they installed did not match, so he replaced it with the type of hardware we had in the rest of the house. Juan made sure we were happy with every aspect of the project.

The construction site and the front of the house were always clean at the end of the day. Our neighbors made comments to us how impressed they were with how clean the front of the house was at the end of each day. When the project was complete, workers made a special visit to replace a floorboard and to clean the windows.

My wife and I could not be happier with our loft. TLC did not cut a single corner and the quality of work is untouchable. We know it is the employees that make a business, and we truly believe you have the best in the industry. Every employee we came in contact with was extremely courteous and professional. We thank you for an outstanding job.

-- E & S
Aliso Viejo
June 2015