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Windows and exterior doors enhance your interior space with natural light and fresh air. They also save energy, make your home more comfortable, and beautify the outside of your home.

For many loft additions, replacing or adding exterior windows is necessary. In other cases, it's purely optional. If the existing windows are at the correct height (elevation), during construction these windows can be switched out with operable replacement windows (ones that open). "Replacement windows" have the same size and location as the existing windows, so no stucco work is needed. If the existing windows interfere with the addition's floor system, they normally need to be removed. In this case, "New Construction" or "Nail-on" windows are required. These windows require stucco work (lath, plaster) on the exterior of the home. EITHER WAY, TLC has the expertise to handle the specific window needs for your loft addition.

All new windows installed by TLC include a lifetime warranty and the latest energy-efficient features. Sliding, casement, single-hung, arched, and "picture" are just a few of the available window styles. TLC’s preferred window suppliers are Milgard® and Palmer®. However, we can provide other brands upon request.

In many homes, new exterior French doors or sliding doors are a great option. They can be installed in the new addition to lead to a balcony or deck. Alternatively, doors can be installed downstairs to provide access to a patio or yard. Exterior work often requires stucco, siding, or "trim" modification. TLC will ensure that all affected areas are thoroughly weatherproofed and meet all building code requirements. We can create a seamless look by matching both texture AND color. In homes with siding, care is taken to properly "stagger" newly installed pieces.

TLC will provide you with a variety of window and door options AND our expert recommendations for your loft addition!

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